Project Week (Start)

I won’t have any school this week. That means I have a lot of free time.

And how else am I going to spend it than geek-out and do a small 1-week project. I started reading about AS2 yesterday. And hopefully learn something useful enough to create a whole mini project.

What kind of project?

Well I was thinking about it last night and just this morning I finally decided to create a flash based website. Nothing fancy, just something to help me grasp AS and a little XML. Once I’m done with it, maybe I’ll move on to making a fancy flash game and upload it to portals and maybe earn some money.


Mask Man Conception

Today, 1:47 AM, I concieve my brainchild. He is a man of the mask. Not a superhero, just someone who doesn’t like to be seen. But wants to be felt.


He has a shady past. Some say he is merely a group of different men wearing the same mask. Some say he saw his parent’s get murdered in front of him (like batman). Some say he is emo. But one thing is for certain, he is but a man. And his life just like any man is normal, ordinary, and dull… all that and maybe except for a few darn awesome cutscenes.

It is safe to assume that he might have MPD. Given that he gets confused when switching masks. The more frequent he does that, the more uncontrollable he becomes.


He draws all his abilities from his masks. That’s right, masks. Darn too many of them. Masks he crafted out of his experiences. Stealth, strength, flight, fight, speech. His mask is his weapon. Take away his mask, and he becomes ordinary.

Can his masks be destroyed?

Yes. By taking it away from his face, then breaking it into a million pieces. So basically most people just beat him to death. Or force him to go crazy, then beat him to death.

Can his masks improve?

Yes. If the mask is frequently used, his abilities become better. But use it too often and the mask’s innate personality takes over.

Is he unique?

Yup, no other person in the world has his abilities. That is what makes him a target of all sorts of crazy people. That’s why people mustn’t see his real face.

Just thought of it, right after I posted. He takes drugs. This adds more depth to the character.
He’s no junkie. But he’s highly mentally unstable. Which can be seen on some scenes where he just fail to respond coherently. Eventually this will take over him.

A linked list

/*#include headers here */

struct list_el {
int val;
struct list_el * next;

typedef struct list_el Item;

Item *list, *tail; //references to the linked list

int main() {

int i;
Item *curr;
int array[] = {1, 24,3,412,125,6,74,228,9, 10};

/*initialize the list*/
list = (struct Item*)malloc(sizeof(Item));
list->next=NULL; // this is important to
list->val = 0; // avoid wierd looking variables occupying our list

tail = list;

/*populate the list*/
for(i = 0; i

curr = list;
while(curr->next != NULL)
printf(“%d -> “, curr->val);
curr = curr->next;
printf(“%dn”, tail->val); //the tail isn’t really printed coz a tail triggers the loop to end

addToList(int value)
Item *curr;

if(tail == list && tail->val == NULL) //if the list is empty
tail->val = value; //create the head, since it’s the only element
tail->next = NULL; //it is also the tail
if(curr = (struct Item*)malloc(sizeof(Item)))
curr->val = value; //create a new node
curr->next = NULL; //new node becomes the tail — essentially, coz it doesn’t have anything after it
tail->next = curr; //the old tail links with the new node, so essentially it’s no longer a tail
tail = curr; //the new node is now formally a tail
printf(“nOut of memory errorn”);