How to disable people from forward-ing in flash movies

var myMenu:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();

Turns out that thing that pops up when you right click a movie is called a ContextMenu. So an easy way to disable it is to hide them by using hideBuiltInItems();

An item in the ContextMenu is called a ContextMenuItem.

var useless:ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem(“Useless Me”, deadClick);

The 1st parameter is the label of that item. The 2nd is what function it calls if the item was clicked.

function deadClick () {


We just create an empty function for it. If we want to make the menu item more useful make it call a function that does something cool.

function gotoMySite () {

getURL(“”, “_top”);


You can add items into a menu by pushing it into the customItems stack of the ContextMenu.

myMenu.customItems.push(mySiteLink, copyrightNotice);

Then we attach it into the main timeline: = myMenu;

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