Under $350 a month

I’ve been using GnuCash since I started receiving a monthly salary back in 2008. It tells me I earned about 250k since Oct 2008, and that I currently have nothing in my bank accounts which I really need to close.

Also according to it, I spent less than 15k pesos last month:

  • Rent, Utilities (gas, water, electricity), and Groceries are the essentials. I’m looking after my little sister so I split the rent with my parents (parental subsidy, hehe) but I pay the rest.
  • I bought ink cartridges and a desk so that would explain the Supplies.
  • I definitely have to stop eating out, I spent more on dining than my groceries.
  • Entertainment (books, movies, music) is a big chunk of my Other expenses. I’m a very depressed person.

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