Game is up!

Here’s the game as promised: Prologue

Critixz are welcome! Also anyone interested in sponshorship

8 responses to “Game is up!”

  1. Aside from the minor graphical issues like the bathrooms not being labeled it looks pretty interesting!

    How can people sponsor you?

    • i think kickstarter is US only.

      They offer me money in exchange of getting exclusive rights to publish the game or putting their branding in it.

    • you’re playing it wrong, hehe. I tried implementing the coloring mechanic but I can’t optimize it and it gets too slow. if this was in native code, I would have done that. Flash is limiting in that aspect.

  2. @zerojuan ah I thought you would accept smaller donations from people interested in seeing the game get finished. You should try opening a Paypal account? People can pay you in pesos now. Hell I’d throw some money your way that way if I could.

  3. good thing you couldn’t get the color running. seriously, cousin?! pink floors?! it hurts my eyes. try chartreuse. lol good job on the engine, though 😀

    how do you get to the tree? please let me go to the tree. as an alternate ending. please? the screenshot implies it already. (and when you do, you can edit/delete this comment for the spoiler)

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