Self Assuring Status Update

A month ago, some business guy offered me a job — a senior game development position for their startup. Which I accepted. Given my anti game development company stance, some people might think that I’m selling out. Which I’m totally not. Here are my excuses justifications:

  1. It’s a startup. At my age, it’s the best time to join one. I learned applied software design, marketing and game industry in my previous companies. Startup 101 will be the last course and I will have finished a more practical Master’s degree in Software Making.
  2. I’m not making video games for kids. I don’t think my bosses even play Starcraft.

Also I’m broke. I tried the indie route for a while, but it was harder than I imagined. Games always take longer to develop. And elitist and artsy games don’t sell. (Note to self: I’ll make a full post about this if I find time)

People I previously worked with have seen the kind of dedication I can give given the right kind of project. I already sacrificed part of my personal life for this so this is totally hardcore.

With that I will be postponing further development of my current indie projects:

  • RPGEngine — last update was a cutscene parser. Was supposed to work on a quest parser next. Will opensource this after it gets stable.
  • BiomoddPlant — an update on the Biomodd-Makiling game I made a year ago. Last update is on simulating plant growth.
  • Jollibug, Love/Hate — games I already put on limbo. Might still work on it, if only for the awesome game titles.
  • Project GPAD (Game the Philippines of Association Development) — working title of a site I’m making about video game makings. Halted because I ran out of money.

There, I’m on full work mode the whole October. People I previously worked with also know that the only way to stop me is to mess with my salary, my work hours, or my girl.

To my team, if you read this, October is gameface on!

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