Forge Story, The Next Chapter

As promised, I am going to start updating Forge Story once the LD judging is over.

I was supposed to keep working on it on a local server the weeks prior, but I keep getting sidetracked with personal (read: unemployment) issues. And I’m afraid I’ll be sidetracked even more as my not-receiving-a-salary status worsens.


How I went from being promoted one day to resignation 2 months later is a story for another time

I almost considered giving up on this project if it weren’t for 1) the peer reviews the game got on LD and 2) the cool user generated art that piled up in my server.

Why Make A Game ON Facebook?

While the finished game is, to put it kindly, raw for game standards, the comments and the low play rate it received seems to suggest that the majority of  indie developers doesn’t like the idea of social network games.

Challenge, accepted! I am going to work on this game some more using garage indie resources and methods and prove to the community that the social network platform is perfectly workable and is a very exciting place to work on. I have decided to keep the development of the game  as open as possible with hopes that others can learn or get inspired by it. Seeing that I am already planning on making this guide.

User Generated Joy

Most of my past efforts consisted of me making games for myself. And Forge Story would have been the same if it weren’t for this:

Pixel art from my social network

People, mostly my friends, are using the game to create awesome stuff. This never happened before! Wonder what it would be like if I let them animate their creations or turn them into quest items or pokemons. This is the question that keeps me awake at night  and I can’t let my codes rot any longer!!

What will become of Forge Story?

It will be opensource and all possible aspects of its development will be public. This means features and roadmaps will be shared. The game is also being built on top of RPGAutomata (for the battle and animation system) so RPGAutomata will still be active as well.

And of course, there’s an ulterior motive: making a Facebook game will at least keep me relevant while I’m looking for my next job.




By making this post public, I am making myself accountable for making this game so played it will crash my webhost.

Like the app page here


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