PGDF Awards (part 3)

Part 1 | Part 2

I was going to sweep the whole PGDF awards thing under the rug but this morning they emailed me that some of the judges and organizers reconsidered and now my game is in the right category. The game is now up against Jan Jan the Jeepney and Crazy Kite!!

Because it's not Filipino if you don't put a Filipino flag in it

I’ll be blunt and say that these games have as much “culture” in them as an Ibong Adarna coloring book.

I know it’s tough to make a game but as someone who believes in the creative potential in games I feel frustrated  when seeing games like this as the representative of our Filipino identity.

Citizens, let’s do our civic duty and vote To The Flowers of Heidelberg.

Also vote for the more awesome Circle Speedster.

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