A Tree by the Sea

Oops, I rhymed.

This here is the draft screenie for the first scene of LoveHateGame. Everything inside the non-gray area is the player’s viewport (it’s a little photoshop trick I learned from my former artist officemates).

The gameplay is now slightly different than the last post. I’ll explain it later after I make the 2nd scene.

Still I’m a little bit worried about the number of sprites this scene might animate considering most of the things here are alive — the trees, the grass, the sea breeze, the sea, the sky and most specially the people. I want this scene to feel alive because this might be one of the few scenes the player will interact with. Everything in this scene must be enough for the player to feel the whole game.

1st Sketch, A lot of wasted space below the horizon

I was trying to get a grip of the grass overlooking the sea concept. I would have taken the easy way and silhouetted the art style but this would make the world dull and sad. I also wanted to make the player feel like a distance observer for the player hence the long road leading to the tree, but with this I’ll have to draw the avatar and other people smaller and that might be a problem.

The tree will be an integral part of the game and would reflect the player’s progress. As time goes the tree will shed until it withers.

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